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If you are looking for an efficient spray painting for your car, you are in the right place. Mike Pritchard Motors Ltd located in East Wellow has fitted a low bake oven at their workshop that creates a stable and dust free atmosphere for car painting.

• 100% dust-free environment

• Free from any external elements

• Sturdy and durable

• Guaranteed even paint finish

• Safe and affordable

Our low bake oven meets the government regulations, assuring complete safety and reliability. We offer our services across the Hampshire region.

With the low bake oven, every single coat of paint is sprayed at exactly the same temperature. Simultaneously, all the overspray is removed, ensuring a smooth and even finish to the vehicle. The filters available in the low bake oven capture the dust particles in the air. This provides an exquisite finish to your car with a glossy finish.


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State-of-the-art low bake oven for dust-free car spray painting